Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Zaku and Albana Osmani hassle banal in "Facebook"

TIRANA - Output from the show "VIP leads" the Zaku has been a turning point for peak and its relationship with ATG Osman. They are arguing on Facebook, completely banal topics without actually discovered the main cause of their crash. In the personal profile "Facebook", Inida Term (Zaku) writes "dear friends, is a beautiful girl who has an empty trunin not quite understand the difference between ATG and Albania. Can you explain you, that when I tried it tortured and stole a jacket that gave so kindly since it was cold. Come thomëni is there much difference comes from the word ATG Albania and where they stand. "

The response was immediate and ATG writes "Zaku, on vika really too bad for what you write. Unlike that show you bukeshkalë dear, I do not compose my care or concern to you that you were good. ATG ATG and is like my jokes in the program, normally decoded for your concepts can not be translated otherwise than so shallow. Xhupi your father is gone to Tirana the next day and we sometimes call the driver even have time left to get not one but two of them sweatshirt yours and you're not answering the phone. I would never do the slightest comeback for more publicly because sometimes people just need to be open path. But despite my favor I did what anyone would do for a person in the moments that were found. This is my private address from which wrote the only use for my family. Mbetsh well loved. "

But while Zaku replies, "have you own nothing in this conversation ATG bukëshkalë especially with that word. Care how you tell it's only you and I know. Why kshu step chats. I just as stupid to go up. I did not so much shpërdhatë show your jealousy and malice and ill. Even the other fines. I did not know who was sleeping on my profile. Sjemi still no friends not for anything. Or have fallen ill so much I have started paranoid? The more men? Your friendly advice on the paranoid schizophrenic ".

These comments were made on 13 November, but Zaku has already deleted all replicas, leaving only her words profile and other friends

First look at Coronation Street’s new Salford home

HERE’S the first look at Coronation Street’s new home in Salford – being painstakingly built to match the old set and stand up to HD TV.

Our aerial pictures show the shell of the Rovers Return, Dev’s corner shop, Norris Cole and Rita Sullivan’s Kabin and the still scaffolded Underworld knicker factory.
And you can see work has started on Barlow’s Bookies and Dr Carter’s Medical Centre, too.
The Manchester-based soap’s top team of set designers have used 19 different types of brick, seven different types of mortar and have a mountain of cobbles on order. They will even fit Tyrone Dobbs’ yellow and blue stone cladding.
And while every care is being taken to keep the Street’s unique identity, there is one very big difference — size.
The new larger set is 7.7acres. And the street will now be wide enough for two cars to drive down side-by-side.
Construction on the new set, based at MediaCityUK, is expected to continue until the end of this year.
Coronation Street Quay Street
Current set ... Coronation Street is filmed at Quay Street
Bosses will soon agree a date next year to move filming from its current Quay Street location to the new set.
Executive producer Kieran Roberts said: “These are exciting times.
“We’ve been waiting for the moment we could reveal the Street in a form that our viewers would instantly recognise.
“These brilliant photographs clearly show what a detailed and impressive recreation of our current set this is.
“When we started to look at moving Coronation Street, I don’t think any of us quite realised what a massive undertaking such a project would be.
“I hope everybody enjoys a glimpse of the new site which will be the new home of the nation’s favourite street for decades.”